Have You Lost Your Pension?

It might be good idea to check whether you have lost pension benefits in UK. It is your right and obligation to contact your pension scheme provider, since the UK Pension Tracing Service can not access your private pension details.

If you do not have updated information or you do not remember the name of your […]

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Delicatessens which your pension pot may offer you

It depends on you how delicious will be the delicatessen food from your pension pot. Further more, you are able to govern how often and how much you will take portions from this golden pot.

Those who have defined contribution schemes are building up their pension pots over ears. Usually, they are arranging the payments of […]

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First 3 facts which you should know about the pension reform in UK

Before you consider is it worth to transfer your pension or if you consider only changing of your pension scheme, it is good to know some basic facts about the pension reform in UK.

First three essentials are:

What is the aim of the pension reform in UK?
Who will be directly affected by […]

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