Tax Planning

//Tax Planning

The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimise your tax liabilities. There are several ways for us to ensure you have the most tax efficient structure possible? Through our free no-obligation discussion either face to face or over the phone we will ascertain your current situation and from this we will provide to you a written report outlining any current or potential tax liabilities.

It maybe that your tax liabilities do not occur until you return home or move to any other country?

There are normally ways to avoid this and sometimes these actions must be completed prior to moving. Once we know your current situation we will be able to provide a full tax risk assessment for you, along with the best solutions available using tools such as offshore trusts and companies.

Our tax advisers are experts in this field, and tax planning is one of the many free services we offer our clients. Balquidder caters to the needs of international expatriates and international investors across the globe. The majority of our clients are professionals and successful in their chosen fields. You may be working for a large international company, contracting overseas, a diplomat, or run your own business, you may have retired and need advice on how to best structure your existing portfolio or cash deposits? Whatever your circumstances, we could help you to achieve your investment goals and financial objectives.

At Balquidder we offer different levels of service to suit your needs, as well as the traditional method of personal visits, we use the internet and online video conferencing with our clients who prefer to communicate and manage their assets online. This allows our advisers to spend more time in the office monitoring their client’s assets and provide an overall higher level of service than the majority of our competition.