In an update to these malicious activities there has been talk of a FAKE journalist approaching clients and friends with some very disturbing threats and allegations.  The email used was “”.  At face value these emails look credible but our legal team was only able to locate one other person online named Ed Sherrington. He is based in South Africa and happens to be a part time journalist. Mr Sherrington denied all knowledge of the emails and was unsure why someone would be using his name?

Recently we discontinued our association with Aidan Flaherty in Bulgaria. Aidan was not pleased about this to say the least and has acted in quite a serious and malicious manner ever since.

We did see that the IP address used by this fictional character Ed Sherrington’s emails came from the same IP used by Aidan Flaherty in Bulgaria.  This could just be a coincidence, but we are pursuing this line of enquiry with the ISP provider, the police and the owners of which is an inactive website. 

If you have received any emails from this person we would greatly appreciate it if you could forward a copy to Can you also check the IP it was sent from by checking the original version of the email or its properties.

Thank you for your time.


It has come to our attention that recently the owner of the malicious website aimed at being malicious and defamatory against one of our employees Alec Maclaren, has also entered our company name onto the site.

Our compliance manager researched this website and its claims back in 2009, when Alec joined Parmafey and again in 2012 when Alec became a senior partner.

The website owned by a Mr John Burry last known to be a senior level employee for Tesco PLC and its old subsidiary Fresh & Easy in the USA was a former client of the hedge fund Alec managed called Bigfish from 2000 to 2006. Mr Burry from the correspondence we have seen has basically tried to extort money directly from Alec, in return for the website to be taken down. Alec quite rightly has refused. From what we can see Mr Burry tried to extort over 150% more than what he lost as an investor in the fund.

Mr Burry’s website mixes simple facts with a great deal of false innuendo, we have confirmed directly with both the FSA (now the FCA) and Police Scotland that there absolutely no truth in Mr Burry’s outrageous claims.

We can confirm Alec is authorised through our company to provide financial services in mainland Europe as well as the rest of the world excluding Hong Kong, USA and the UK. Mr Burry’s 9-year hate campaign against Alec reflects very badly on him, and we are proud of the way Alec continued to conduct himself in a professional manner in the face of such despicable behaviour.

If you require any further information please contact compliance at

Allan Canning