It might be good idea to check whether you have lost pension benefits in UK. It is your right and obligation to contact your pension scheme provider, since the UK Pension Tracing Service can not access your private pension details.

If you do not have updated information or you do not remember the name of your scheme provider you may use free of charge services to trace your lost pension too.

The matter is mostly related to all expatriates who are not acknowledged in details with the new regulations of pensions reform in UK. According to an article posted by The Telegraph last Wednesday, ”Around 250,000 expat pensioners are missing out on as much as £850m in lost pension benefits simply because UK pension scheme trustees have been unable to trace them since they moved abroad.”

Although the effort done by many pension providers to trace and contact expatriates with unclaimed pension pots it is in your interest and it is your duty to find out what your UK pension is worth.

We have not tested how long time it may take you to arrange all formalities related to your “lost” pension but we want to advise you to use the secure, easy to access and free of charge services of The Pension Tracing Service.

Following the link on the Crown’s official website you will find information about the working hours of the Pension Tracing Service and phone numbers for contact. What is more important, from this web page you can access the link to the web site of the tracing service.

The other option which you may try is to go to the aforementioned link and to fill in the personal Tracing Request Form which automatically will transmit your request directly to the Pension Tracing Service.

If you need more information about the pension reform in UK or about your retirement, experts from Balquidder would be glade to advise you offering free of charge advisory service.