One of the keys to our success here at Balquidder is that we work closely with your other professional advisers to ensure all your planning is done in a coordinated fashion. We have a great deal of experience in co-operating with accountants and solicitors – and, in fact, many of our corporate introductions come via these sources. Our overall objective will be to deliver the very best outcome for you and your enterprise.

The first step in Corporate Financial Planning is for us to consult with you and establish your business plan and personal objectives. From this we can then begin to make specific recommendations as to how you can tighten your business practice in line with your current business strategy.

Often, a financial product can be bought to help solve a particular business issue and you will find details of some of the products we use within this section of the website but each business we advise is different and will have its own set of requirements.

Here are some examples of issues we can help you with:

  • Corporate Structure for maximum tax and asset protection.
  • Design of tax efficient remuneration packages
  • Purchasing of Premises & Equipment.
  • Mitigation of taxes.
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Foreign Exchange Business Planning.
  • Letters of credit, project financing