Imagine that one of your co-directors or partners were to die suddenly, or be diagnosed with a serious illness. Quite apart from the emotional impact on you personally, you and your fellow shareholders would have some serious issues to consider…

  • The impact on your business.
  • The legal position with regard the deceased person’s equity in the business.
  • How much his or her share of the business is worth (and how much their family would want for it).
  • How would you be able to buy it, to keep control of your business?

Structured correctly Shareholder/Partnership protection can help deal with these issues before they arise.
We would be happy to discuss your current position and provide some non committal suggestions as a first step?

Insuring Key People within your enterprise

There may be individuals who may not be equity owners but are vital to the success of your business. Just consider which employees you would least like to have head-hunted by a competitor – and then imagine the position if they were to be permanently removed from your business due to death or serious illness.

Keyperson insurance can help to cushion your business from the full financial implications of such an event.