It can be difficult to focus on giving financial planning the attention your business deserves. Your business needs in-depth financial planning just as much as an individual does – and this entails a lot more than book-keeping and the annual accounts, we can work closely with your other advisers and assist to ensure you have the most tax efficient structure,  The service we offer can be tailored to all or any categories of staff within your business such as Directors or Partners only or to include Management or all staff and to assist in areas such as pension planning, Keyman Protection and all forms of employee benefits.

Corporate financial planning is one of the most important elements of starting up, running and maintaining a profitable business. We provide a range of services to help companies, partnerships and sole traders develop and succeed, by making them more financially secure.

Employee Benefits

The benefits package that you offer your employees is a key part of your ability to recruit and retain staff. We can help with all aspects, from pensions to death benefits and flexible remuneration options. We can tailor individual packages depending on the employee’s country of origin to minimise any potential tax issues for the present and the future when they return to their home country.

We can not only help you to meet your legal requirements, but also to present the benefits in a professional, convincing way to your employees.