Before giving any financial advice our Consultants’ need to ensure they ‘Know You the Client?’ This is done by way of an initial appointment which can be face to face or over the phone or video conference with skype. The consultant will take enough details to complete a financial appraisal form which will tell us how your current financial situation, your financial objectives for the future and what you are currently doing to achieve them?

It will tell us your current tax status, existing investments, existing financial liabilities and commitments. It is also very important to define your financial objectives, in particular with relation to your risk profile and any requirement you place upon your funds for the future. We will then give an in depth analysis by using the information provided to correctly structure an overall financial strategy. This will be explained by way of a free initial confidential report highlighting our initial ideas for you.

Balquidder Investment Consultants does NOT handle client’s money under any circumstances.

All savings or investment recommendations made by our Consultants’, will upon inception be placed directly with the relevant Company, Bank, Institution or Fund Management House and held in your name.

Balquidder’s Investment Consultants and Senior Partners are qualified Financial Consultants. This helps to ensure you receive exemplary financial advice from consultants managed and trained by Members of a Professional Body, for all those who give and support personal financial advice.

Balquidder Advisers caters to the needs of international expatriates and international investors across the globe. The majority of our clients are professionals and successful in their chosen fields. You may be working for a large international company, contracting overseas, a diplomat, or run your own business, you may have retired and need advice on how to best structure your existing portfolio or cash deposits? Whatever your circumstances, we could help you to achieve your investment goals and financial objectives.